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I am a computer scientist based in Glasgow, Scotland. My research interests include, but are not limited to, 1) production, delivery, and consumption of media content in the advent of emerging technologies, such as extended reality and generative artificial intelligence, 2) digital harms associated with emerging technologies, specifically in the context of media content consumption. In other words, I’m interested in understanding and mitigating the negative impact of emerging technologies on people and societies, 3) privacy, and 4) cybersecurity.

In February 2024, I start a permanent lectureship (assistant professor) in Cyber Security and Digital Harms at Strathcyber, at the department of Computer & Information Sciences at the University of Strathclyde.

I have a PhD in Data Science and User Experience from the University of Manchester, England, which was sponsored by the EPSRC and the BBC R&D. During my PhD I investigated various aspects of using augmented and virtual reality technologies in the context of TV viewing experiences.

I was a postdoctoral research associate at the SIRIUS lab at the University of Glasgow, where I investigated various privacy aspects related to everyday augmented reality glasses and deceptive designs in extended reality. I then moved on to a fellowship, which was awarded to me by the College of Science and Engineering of the University of Glasgow based on my proposal to investigate content consumption in the metaverse.

I am CoI on an award from Meta to create a toolkit for identification and mitigation of dark patterns in the metaverse.

You can find my publications on Google Scholar.

You can find my PhD thesis here.

My hobbies include barefoot walking in nature and acting.