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I am a lecturer in computer science at the university of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland. My research interests include production and consumption of digital media content in the advent of emerging technologies, such as extended reality and generative artificial intelligence.

I have a PhD in computer science from the University of Manchester, England, which was sponsored by the EPSRC and the BBC R&D. During my PhD I investigated various aspects of using augmented and virtual reality technologies in the context of TV viewing experiences. You can find my PhD thesis here.

After my PhD, I did a postdoc and a fellowship at the University of Glasgow, where I investigated various privacy aspects related to everyday augmented reality glasses and deceptive designs in extended reality.

I am currently CoI on a grant from Meta.

You can find my publications on Google Scholar.

Please get in touch, especially if you are interested in collaborating (including doing a PhD) in areas related to various aspects of digital content creation/consumption, particularly in the context of emerging technologies and from a human-centred perspective.